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Planting hope in the hearts of Rwanda.

Over a decade ago, God called us to create Hope for a Thousand Hills. Our first project was in Cyimbili, a town on the edge of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. God is calling us again to build on that experience by investing in a coffee farming community in Butare, Rwanda.

Rwanda has made substantial progress in stabilizing its economy to pre-1994 levels. And coffee has become a key growth business for the country. Plantations that can produce a better quality bean and improve processing are competing on the world market. Entering that market could make all the difference for a small village with hopes of building their community. A successful coffee plantation—even a small one—provides jobs which spill over into a stronger local economy. This leads to schools and public health facilities, church initiatives, other job markets, and ultimately a thriving community.

Our mission is about transformation—restoring a debilitated plot of land into a successful coffee plantation—and everything that follows.

The restoration of a coffee plantation is ultimately a restoration of the people who surround it. Amazingly, that little brown bean can help restore the local economy, and through that, the community. But a key element to lasting success is a focus on eternity—men and women reconciled to God and each other.


Butare, Rwanda 2018

Butare is home to 77,000 Rwandans, and has served as the country’s most prominent intellectual center since the colonial era. The farming community is vibrant, and the land is ideal for growing coffee beans. Already we have plans to build a coffee washing station that will provide a stronger foundation for the local economy. We ask for your prayers as we seek God’s will for what else we can humbly offer to this community. Learn more about how you can give to this work.

Cyimbili, Rwanda 2008-2016

Cyimbili was one of the largest coffee plantations in Rwanda. It contained nearly 24 thousand plants, each one producing about 4 pounds of coffee per year. The plantation provided jobs and services for the local community, and it was a hub of stability and outreach to thousands of people. But the Rwandan genocide in 1994 changed all that. In the turmoil of those events the plantation was abandoned and production diminished. It no longer served as an economic center and the hopes of the local community withered away with the plants. In 2008 we found the plantation to be a shell of what it once was. It yielded minimal coffee and had little impact on the hurting and poverty-stricken people around it.

Hope for a Thousand Hills, along with local partners, embarked on a 4-year project to impact the economy, community, and eternal purpose of Cyimbili. The coffee plantation saw immense gains, improving the overall management and capabilities of the farms. After listening to what the community saw as their needs, we were able to provide clean water, electricity, and sanitation systems. We also were able to repair some of the buildings, improve the roads, and build bridges.

Ultimately however, we wanted to encourage the community. Cyimbili has a vibrant church and a small, but steadfast Bible school. We provided pastoral leadership training, mentoring for the students, and most importantly we had the opportunity to build relationships that opened doors for sharing our lives and our faith.

Thank you to those who supported this work.

The incredible generosity of our donors, and everyone who provided guidance and support along the way, allowed us to finish our project in 2013. Over 4 years, we developed an irrigation system and installed a state-of-the-art coffee washing station. Beyond that, we saw the immense ways in which God moves in a community.

Reflecting on this project, we have only gratitude and awe for how God provided for us, and the joy that comes from watching God work in His wonderful ways.

For more information, please watch this video from 2011 documenting our time in Cyimbili.


Hope for a Thousand Hills is a nonprofit, made up of wonderful volunteers and organizations across the country and globe. Without the generosity of others, our work is not possible.

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