Blessings and Rain

They say it’s still the dry season here in Rwanda, but we’ve seen quite a bit of rain. They also say, that in Africa rain is always a blessing. So, it’s good to see the hills of Cyimbili wet and green and full of promise. Today we wrapped up some of our activities for the week – a week that’s gone by way too fast.

Dave finished up with the Bible school students today, challenging them to lead the church with the principles they learned from their study of the book of Acts this week. Dave also took pictures of each of the students in what we hope will be the beginning of a program of prayer partnerships between the the students here, and the church back home.

Don made his last rounds at the clinic and now at 9pm, like many nights this week, he is still at large on the plantation somewhere (we hope).

Marita and Jamie held a ladies meeting on the front porch here at the guesthouse. We invited some representatives on micro-finace programs here in Rwanda to address them and educate us all. At the end of the meeting Marita presented each of the ladies with a gift: beautiful fabric from Gisenye to make clothes. They burst out in song right there, danced around, and some even cried.

I (Mike) was somewhat thwarted by the rain today with my plans to get the remaining footage I needed for our video. Jamie and I worked hard on a narrative and she even practiced her lines, but the thunderstorm stole the show… for now. We’ll try again in the morning.

We plan to depart fro Kigali tomorrow, spend another day networking and in meetings there. Then, I’m on a plane back to sunny Nairobi, whereas my cohorts are bound for another snowstorm in New Jersey (sorry guys).

Thanks for praying. It has been a great visit here in Cyimbili. Let’s pray that God continues to rain his blessing on this place – until we return again.

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