We’re back

Greetings from Cyimbili,

Our small team (Marita, Jamie, Pastor Dave, Don, and Mike) arrived on Saturday for a one-week visit. The week is already going by fast, but we wanted to get a couple updates out before we depart.

We were welcomed with smiles and singing on Saturday. Cyimbili is as beautiful as always. It’s been wonderful to see old friends, and good to see that the relationships we’ve developed over the years are cherished by both sides.

One of the main goals of this trip is to evaluate the state of the project and the plantation as we plan for the next phase. There’s a lot of meetings involved with that, but most have been very encouraging. We’ve explored the property and the facilities, and have been impressed. The plantation itself is exceeding our expectations.

At one point, Ephrem, the plantation manger, proudly walked us through the lush green coffee trees and paused in an area of new growth. He showed us some of the trees that Hope had planted, which now have beans on them. He smiled and told us that these were the “first fruits” of our efforts. A good illustration of the growth we can both see, and hope for, in all the areas we are working.

Pastor Dave is busy with pastor training this week. Don is teaching evangelism and missions to the same classes. He’s also spending some time at the medical clinic. Mike is here to gather some media; video and pictures. For Mike and Don, this is their first time to the plantation.

Together we are each amazed to glimpse God at work here – even in our absence these many months – and humbled to be a part of it.

There’s a lot more to tell, perhaps tomorrow. For now, here’s some pictures to make you feel like you were here:

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