What “cyimbili” means

Cyimbili High School is situated in  the Kigeyo Sector, Rutsiro District in the Western Province of Rwanda on the shoreline of Kivu Lake. It is surrounded by majestic hills that reach the height of about 1460 meters (appx. 5,000 ft.) above sea level.

Our school and community name has a long history. The name “Cyimbili” was given a long time ago when the area was entirely covered with bush. The name means “The Viper Dwelling” because at that time there were so many snakes in the area. The word “Impili” in Kinyarwanda means “viper” and due to the socio-dialect spoken in this area, people transformed the name “Impili” into “Imbili” and since then this area was known by the name  “Cyimbili”.

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